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Life Insurance Made Simple

At United Home Life and United Farm Family Life Insurance Companies, we believe that buying life insurance doesn’t need to be complicated.  Enjoying the peace of mind that comes from having the protection life insurance provides has never been simpler.   

We’ve made it our mission to offer straightforward products using a simplified process so that the coverage you need is issued as quickly as possible – in as little as 3-5 days – to ensure that your loved ones have the protection they need in place when the unexpected happens.

The Value of Life Insurance Defined
The value of life insurance is in those whom it protects, and the financial burdens it can ease for them.  Life has no guarantees, but life insurance from United Home Life/United Farm Family Life Insurance Companies does.  Whether it’s protection against an outstanding mortgage, student loans, unpaid medical bills, final expenses, or other financial needs, we make it simple to insure the future for your loved ones.
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