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We’ve kept the promises we’ve made to our policyowners for more than 70 years.  Our goal is to offer products that are simple to understand and that will provide security for the ones you love.

We offer an array of products including whole life, term, and accidental death benefit coverage.  And many of our plans can be custom-tailored to meet your specific life insurance needs with our additional riders and benefits, several at no-cost to you.

We’re dedicated to providing you with quality life insurance products as simply and efficiently as possible.  Our products offer life insurance coverage specific to your needs using a simplified underwriting process that includes no invasive medical exams or pages of questions about your medical history.

We offer our policyowners personal service from both our independent agents and our home office staff.  We continually strive to deliver the information you need, the coverage you need, and the compassionate customer service your loved ones will need when the time comes.

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