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Term Life Insurance

Straight term life insurance provides a defined amount of coverage for a defined premium amount for a defined period of time, such as a “term” of 20 years.  At the end of the "term", premiums will increase annually until the policy ends (usually age 95).  Return-of-premium (ROP) term insurance has the same features as straight term with the added flexibility of a built-in “return-of-premium” feature which provides, if all premiums have been paid, for a refund of annual premiums* at the end of the level term period.  Coverage terminates if premiums are refunded.  ​Any outstanding policy loan will reduce this amount.  Our simplified term portfolio includes:

  • ​Simple Term 20
  • ​Simple Term 30
  • Simple Term 20 ROP
  • Simple Term 20 DLX

​We’ve designed our term plans to provide affordable life insurance protection as simply as possible.  ​Our products could be ​your solution for insuring a specific need, such as an outstanding mortgage or student loan debt.  ​Simple Term 20 ROP can also provide protection to your age 95 by using the surrender value to purchase reduced paid-up ​insurance.

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*Excludes any premiums paid for optional riders or benefits.

Availability of, and benefits payable under, the insurance products described are subject to state availability, state variations, restrictions and eligibility requirements.  If there are any discrepancies between the product description and the issued insurance policy, the issued policy shall take precedence.
The Companies reserve the right to request a medical exam or lab testing due to a proposed insured's medical history or build.
Forms: 200-364, 200-434, 200-737, 200-788 (UHL); 18-364, 18-434, 18-737, 18-788 (UFFL).

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