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Simplified Issue Final Expense Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is insurance for your whole life.  Our whole life products are permanent plans of insurance with a protection element (the death benefit) and a growth element (the cash value).  And each comes with guarantees:

  • A death benefit guaranteed never to go down.
  • Premiums guaranteed never to go up.
  • Cash value that grows over time, so long as premiums are paid.

Our portfolio is designed to cover a broad spectrum of individuals.  From those who can qualify for preferred rates and who have no health issues to those who may have severe health issues or may even be considered “uninsurable” by other carriers.  And, all on a simplified basis - no medical exams, bodily fluids testing, or pages of health questions:

  • Express Issue Premier
  • Express Issue Deluxe
  • Express Issue Whole Life

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Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance
Our Guaranteed Issue Whole Life* product has perhaps the most uncomplicated application process of all our plans – there are NO health questions.  None.  What could be simpler?  If you’ve had trouble getting life insurance in the past, or you simply don’t want the hassles of exams and blood tests or to answer personal questions about your medical history, Guaranteed Issue Whole Life may be the simplest solution for your life insurance needs.

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*Guaranteed Issue Whole Life is an endowment policy with a benefit payable on the policy's maturity date or at the insured's death prior to age 100.
Availability of, and benefits payable under, the insurance products described are subject to state availability, state variations, restrictions and eligibility requirements.  If there are any discrepancies between the product description and the issued insurance policy, the issued policy shall take precedence.
The Companies reserve the right to request a medical exam or lab testing due to a proposed insured's medical history or build.
Forms: 200-376, 200-466, 200-670 (UHL); 18-376, 18-466, 18-670 (UFFL).

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